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juggernaut ˈdʒʌɡənɔːt/ a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force. The last couple of years have been a real rollercoaster for my wife and I to say the least. Beginning with our engagement followed by my MS diagnosis, her father sadly passing away, me graduating from college, her changing jobs, our wedding and now…

Uncover What’s Sleeping in your Soul

“Every paper that you read says tomorrow’s your lucky day. Well here’s your lucky day. It really really really could happen.” Oasis or Blur? The great-Britpop rivalry is over 21 years old. Do you know what that means? It means I’m no spring chicken! I remember getting Blurs ‘The Great Escape’ and Oasis’ ‘(What’s the… Continue reading Uncover What’s Sleeping in your Soul

Against the Ropes

The rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting style commonly associated with Muhammad Ali in his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against George Foreman. In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor. The one symptom that seems to be… Continue reading Against the Ropes

A Disturbance in the Force Part Deux: Wherefore art thou Thumper?

Thumper greets you like a naughty mate. The one who likes to steal and get you in bother. The one you can never bring yourself to hate. It was a rare sunny Friday in April. I was off work to focus on college but was also booked in for an MRI in Smithfield. I got… Continue reading A Disturbance in the Force Part Deux: Wherefore art thou Thumper?