I just… felt like Running.

“Nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day” It’s great drying weather out there. The clock’s have sprung forward and it couldn’t have come quick enough. The inevitable “There’s a great stretch in the evening” memes are more than welcome this year. Honestly, it’s felt like a Game of Thrones type of… Continue reading I just… felt like Running.

Against the Ropes

The rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting style commonly associated with Muhammad Ali in his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against George Foreman. In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor. The one symptom that seems to be… Continue reading Against the Ropes

My Difficulty is MS’s Opportunity

The 1916 Easter Rising is something that, as an Irish person, you grow up being aware of but it’s not something I knew too much about. It’s significance will really be amplified this weekend as there are so many events organised in Dublin city centre as well as the rest of the country. Town is only… Continue reading My Difficulty is MS’s Opportunity