A Children’s Story: Sally’s Finger

Sally sat inside each day,She rarely left her room.She loved to play computer games,And draw her own cartoons.Even when it was sunny,Sally didn’t leave the house.She sat up in her bedroom,As quiet as a mouse.One day, Sally’s Mam knocked on her bedroom doorTelling Sally to “go out and play!”.Sally wagged her finger screaming:”Close the door,… Continue reading A Children’s Story: Sally’s Finger

A Lockdown Letter from the newest member of the family to her Grandmother

Hello Nana, how are you?I just thought I’d write to sayEven though we can’t be togetherI miss you everyday My brother’s told me all the thingsThat you and GranGran doIt all sounds so excitingI can’t wait to play with you Daddy says you’re lots of funYou already have me spoiledYou do so much from far… Continue reading A Lockdown Letter from the newest member of the family to her Grandmother

Training Update

Started training a lot this week. 2 Half marathons next month. Less than 3 months to go until the full marathon. It’s tough going but enjoying it all so far. You can follow my training and donate here to MS Ireland. Thanks to all for your words of support and donations so far 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍  … Continue reading Training Update

I just… felt like Running.

“Nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day” It’s great drying weather out there. The clock’s have sprung forward and it couldn’t have come quick enough. The inevitable “There’s a great stretch in the evening” memes are more than welcome this year. Honestly, it’s felt like a Game of Thrones type of… Continue reading I just… felt like Running.